Are you ready to Feel Stronger + Increase your longevity?

You are at the right time to create long-term lifestyle changes.The opportunity is now. YLA provides a customized Health Analysis + Action Plan with includes Blood test, Fitness Tacker, DNA report, Health History to create a personalized plan for Disease prevention, peak performance, and longer life.

Take some time for yourself today and learn about living a healthier life that you can enjoy. I cannot wait to join you on your journey. I look forward to sharing our partners with you.


Inside Tracker  analyzes your blood biomarkers, DNA, wearable data, and lifestyle to help you improve your health-span through nutrition, supplements, exercise, and lifestyle recommendations.

Created by experts in aging and genetics from Harvard, Tufts, and MIT, InsideTracker provides a personal health analysis and data-driven wellness guide designed to help you live healthier longer lIfe.


Researched Nutritionals provided dietary supplements based on research for healthcare practitioners and their patients. Researched Nutritionals provides peer-reviewed, published clinical research to ensure that each formula’s mechanism of action is backed by research.

Researched Nutritionals offer products in over 15 categories:

*Vitamins and Minerals

*Gut Health and Probiotics


*Stress and mood

*Energy support

*Immune support


DANGER COFFEE – Enough to be Dangerous

by David Asprey     Promo Code:

Are you looking for more energy in the morning that can actually elevate your cellular level. Danger coffee adds minerals and electrolytes and provides health benefits we need daily. It is Art and Science with coffee blended with grass feed butter and MCT Oil. We love the smell of our coffee in the morning and with so many health benefits…say goodbye to K Cups.

Coffee + Minerals – Toxins = Power


www.str  PROMO CODE: Marshasteed

Safe for you, safe for our waters.
High performance, broad-spectrum and mineral-based sunscreens for face and body.


Healthy Lifestyle and Clean Living Choices 

Marsha Steed is a Lifestyle expert and Health Explorer that enjoys helping YOU create the lifestyle you want! Marsha’s lifetime focus has been developing actionable ways to create a healthy lifestyle for you and ultimately sharing her experiences in forming lifelong patterns. Her focus is on healthy lifestyle, healthy living and reverse aging! Yes, it is possible.

What Marsha does best help 49+ year-olds. As your Health Explorer, she discovers ways to help with health management,  Skin Care Support, and Reverse Aging.  Being a wellness visionary, she is also passionate about  helping you create the healthy life you deserve. 

Now more than ever, it’s a time to transform yourself to be the very best, but more importantly the clean aging approach to happiness and excitement.

To Your Ambition,

Marsha H. Steed

Love the Stream2Sea body wash and shampoo all in one product. It has a light fresh scent and gives my fine hair more body and shine which is unbelievable!!  I am happy that is is not only good for humans but for our environment.  Will be ordering more!

 Liz McGavran, Cincinnati Ohio


I am a first time buyer and liked the fact that the sunscreen was totally healthy for my skin and healthy for kids.  I am using the sunscreen all the times on my hands and face.   It is unlike other sunscreens …..healthy for your skin and a little goes a long way.


Steve Pinson,  Loveland, Ohio

Look and Try the products -20% off



I am definitely endorsing Taspen’s Organic/DragonFly Botanicals

I am so pleased to have found them.  My skin has regained its elasticity and remains youthful.  The cream is moisturizing fresh like nature.  I will recommend their products as pro-aging  calming, and truly a holistic experience to my skin,

Marcel Oivia Dorantes, United Kingdom

Are the Stream2Sea Products been Ocean tested to protect Coral and Fish?

Look What’s New in Clean Aging

Offering Innovative Clean Aging Products

YLA provides the following services:

Vegan Lip Balm

Prebiotic Hand Cream

Serious Sun Screen 

Eco Hand Sanitizer 

Organic Aloe Vera Gel

DragonFly Botanical – Clean Aging for Skin, Sleep, Pain, Body

Look and Try the products -20% off



I am definitely endorsing Taspen’s Organic/DragonFly Botanicals

I am so pleased to have found them.  My skin has regained its elasticity and remains youthful.  The cream is moisturizing fresh like nature.  I will recommend their products as pro-aging  calming, and truly a holistic experience to my skin,

Marcel Oivia Dorantes, United Kingdom

Recent Testimonials


I like to use the products recommended by Marsha Steed of YLAmbition.  Marsha says your skin is the window to health and I agree!  I’m always following her for food and product recommendations so I can live my best and healthiest life.  I really value the Stream 2Sea Products….Suncreen is the best!

Coral Crazy…Get into the Clean Skin Movement!

Our neck gaiters are not only stylish but they offer excellent coverage for any outdoor activity. They are designed to block UV rays by featuring UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) for topnotch defense against the sun. On top of all of that our chemical-free fabric, sourced from recycled polyester is reef friendly and has exceptional durability.  The neck gaiters are a wonderful addition to our safe sunscreen while giving you the extra sun protection you deserve.

Beauty Through Food

Do Health Do Life….Skin is in and the largest organ in the body.  YES, food and water makes the biggest difference in how we live  a healthy lifestyle.  Look to eat lots of fruits and vegetables.  Don’t forget to use organic skin care Dragon Botanicals and also Stream2Sea products.  It takes effort but worth it… will provide the clean aging your body needs.  YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Safe for You, Your Children, and the Ocean

While there are many mineral sunscreens that offer UVA/UVB protection, very few go deeper to address and counteract the long-term damaging effects caused by free radicals and overexposure to the sun.

Sunburns are caused by a complex chemical reaction that creates free radicals that damage DNA molecules in the skin, dilate blood vessels and then recruit inflammatory compounds to help minimize the damage.

We are the ocean…

Products that are good for us are good for the oceans.  We are all in this together.

Project Ocean Project is all about getting plastic out of our world.  Check out the

Fun Fitness

If you’re looking for ideas on how to live a healthier lifestyle from the inside out, you’ve come to the right place. I believe in living life to the fullest, and the best way to do that is to eat, move, and breathe well. Let me show you how. 

Shape Up Year Round

From cleanses and detoxes to yoga and food challenges, I have a ton of ideas guaranteed to make you excited for this next phase in your life. And there’s never a better time than now!  

Feeling and Looking Great

A healthy body is just as important as a healthy mind. Looking for a new group workout challenge? How about a meditation retreat? I have ideas about what to do—and how to look good doing it.   

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